Group & Personal Retreats

These Holistic Healing retreats provide a grounded healing space in healing body mind spirit for your deeper connection with your spirit.

Through my experience as a Naturopathic Doctor, Shamanic Healer, Counselor and Wisdom Guide, I create a personal growth retreat that suits your specific needs for you to invigorate and relax your body, clear the entanglements of the mind, connect with your deeper self and realign with your true life’s purpose.

Personal Growth Retreat
Holistic Healing Retreat – Groups or Individuals
Shamanic Journeys
Live-In Retreats

Invite Amalia to guide you through a holistic healing retreat of your choice in your own home. Whether for a couples retreat or personal retreats for healing your family, Amalia’s expertise in enhancing your mind body healing will be anchored in the comfort of your every day living experience.