Personal & Group

Transformational Personal & Group Retreats:

Learn what your body needs to stay on top of your health
Learn how to handle your emotions
Empower your sense of self
Learn to trust in your own inner wisdom
Feel your spiritual connection to the greater whole

I invite you to make a special journey to one of the most powerful spiritual centers of the world, Sedona, Arizona, where the majestic red rock Sedona Vortexes transform and assist in healing body mind spirit.

Here you can tap into the ancient power and wisdom of the Earth and in the grounding energy of the red rocks to more easily make the transformative changes that you are seeking to make.

Join me for either a full day, or your choice of one of the weekend intensive holistic healing retreats, to invigorate and relax your body, clear the entanglements of the mind, connect with your deeper self and realign with your true life’s purpose.

Whether for your holistic healing retreats, your personal growth retreat, or your shamanic retreats, I blend a broad use of modalities spanning from my 25 years of Naturopathic, shamanic, ceremonial and dance facilitator experience to help you make the next quantum leap in healing body mind spirit to get you back on track, empower yourself, clear your mind and revitalize your spirit.

These holistic healing retreats and personal growth retreats incorporate a broad range of healing sessions, including relaxing bodywork with modalities that clear the chi flow, provide deep muscle release and heal nutritional/mineral deficiencies; deep personal discovery through shamanic journeys, ceremony and counseling; and inner experience of your connection with the wisdom of the Earth through land journeys and gentle guidance that leads you deeper into knowing your true awakened spirit.


Retreat Packages:

Choose a package or create your own personal growth retreat or choose from the group holistic healing retreats that best suits your needs.

Your retreat package includes your accomodation, healthy nutritious meals, and the sessions that will help you stay on track and be awakened to your fully enlivened spirit.

You will learn a Five Step Process to take home and use in your busy daily schedule with practical tools to take home with you.

Unwinding Retreat~Finding Your Calm and Center:

We will begin our experience together with unwinding the tension in your body, through hot rock therapy, muscle release and chi flow and clearing the entanglements of the mind, releasing the pent up emotions through healing visualization,  teaching you how to stay clear and balanced and enhance your connection to your authentic and greater self.

Finding Your Life’s Purpose and Connecting with Spirit Retreat:

I will be with you all the way making your journey from the chatter and doubt of the mind to the knowingness of your heart, where you can connect with your soul’s higher purpose .

Here you can awaken your spirit, return back to who you truly are, connect to the wisdom of the Earth and with the greater whole, and anchor your restored spirit into your daily life in healing body mind spirit into wholeness.

Couples Reconnecting Retreat:

I will assist you in learning how to communicate with each other with clarity of intent and together we will reach into the core issues, to heal the fear of intimacy and to bring to the surface the positive solutions that will rebuild your trust and respect of each other.
During our time together, I will incorporate some Tantra practices to synchronize your breathing, align your chakras and heart purpose with each other and deepen your realm of intimacy.

We will also create together a Recommitment Ceremony to renew your vows and reset your alignment of  love that exists between you.

You will leave with a sense of increased trust and inspiration to have more fun together and with supportive tools to keep your relationship flourishing with aliveness.

Executive/Writer’s Retreat:

Give yourself the focused time to begin or complete your project.  You will be staying in a beautiful retreat space, with nourishing meals prepared for you so that you can stay focused on your project.  With your choice to relax in a Jacuzzi under the night sky, take a steam to dissipate your tension, book a holistic healing session or hike out onto the magical red rocks of Sedona’s Vortex to refresh your sense of self.

An example day of your retreat~

MORNING: You will begin your day by gently moving into your body, either with yoga, meditation or Qi Gong, followed by a light scrumptious breakfast.

I will instruct you on how you can best take care of your body, including dry brushing, foot reflexology, and clearing your energy for the day.

Session 1:  Taking care of the body – through either Body work,  Foot Reflexology, Iridology and Corrective Nutrition.

Learn how to create and enjoy an  easily prepared lunch so that you can give your body the best in your busy lifestyle.

Session 2: Shamanic Journey and Vision Passage out on the red rocks

Shamanic Journeys and Vision Passage out on the red rocks- I will guide you in grounding your energy and connecting with Mother Earth and create a ceremony to embody the wisdom of the Earth, followed with some down time.

Session 3: Deep unwinding to disentangle your worries, thoughts and release the deep ingrained patterns in your psyche- through either transformational breathing, chakra balancing and clearing, emotional core clearing, dance activation or counseling.

EVENING: You will have a scrumptious high vibrational dinner prepared for you before you wind down the day in a hot tub or steam room to integrate another satisfying day.

An added bonus to your retreat experience is 3 (follow up) phone sessions at a discounted rate of $50 (normally $100):

  • So that you can more fully integrate what you have experienced and learned and work it back into your daily life.
  • You don’t have to do it alone, I can still walk with you down the track till you get on your own two feet.
  • You will be tested when you return to your busy schedule and instead of “spinning your wheels” a phone session will simply get you back on track and running smoothly.

Call to discuss your intention and requirements for your personal or group retreat now at 1-800-393-2037