Live-In Holistic Healing Retreats

In the comfort of your own home


Amalia will also travel to visit you and your family to offer an array of healing modalities including Bodywork, Naturopathic consultations, Iridology and Corrective Nutrition, Counseling, Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Movement, and Shamanic Healing sessions to create holistic healing retreats in the comfort of your own home. Amalia offers Couples Retreats, Personal Retreats for Healing and Growth, and individual or group retreats that are designed for enhancing your mind body healing, and connecting you with the wisdom of the Earth and your true awakened spirit.

During her stay, Amalia can also introduce you to healthy food preparations to maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

“I really enjoyed having Amalia stay at my home. The visit was an energetic and learning transformation for me and my family. She is a tremendous healer and gives world class massage and reflexology. We also gained a great deal of nutritional coaching and enjoyed some fantastic meals which she showed us how to prepare. We did some great energy work both indoors and outdoors. I would definitely have her come back to my home anytime. AAAAA+”
Kecia Ruyan, Indian Hill, Ohio

Invite Amalia to your home to give you and your family a personal growth retreat or if you prefer, bring your groups to Sedona to share the retreat with those you care for.

Call her now on 1-800-393-2037 to discuss how this may benefit you the most.