Amalia gets to the root of the matter, and steers you back on track
in healing body mind spirit awareness and vitality.


Deep Tissue & Relaxing Bodywork

Relax, unwind and surrender into your body’s wisdom through deep muscle release. With a blend of conscious presence and intuitive guidance, I draw upon a broad range of healing techniques including deep tissue work, neuro-muscular stretching, reiki healing, and chakra clearing with a strong emphasis on the breath for the restoration and reintegration of your body’s wellbeing
“With wise and focused intention, Amalia’s beautiful style of bodywork penetrates deeply into the tissues. Her gentle intuitive presence is highly attuned, making a session with this gifted healer, an experience that is vitalizing and transforming.”
Alan Clements, Author of Instinct for Freedom and the producer/performer of Spiritually Incorrect


Energy Healing Bodywork

Amalia sources energy from the divine heavens and Mother Earth to ground and balance your energy. She retrieves messages from your body wisdom and integrates the information in your healing experience. She also utilizes Reiki energy, sound healing and Body Soma Tuning Forks to clear and balance the chakras that need activating. 


Iridology Readings

“Maintaining a healthy body is the integral foundation of your spiritual experience.”This is a
n informative analysis of your health through reading the Iris, (the colored portion of the  eye  and its markings), to determine the causations of imbalances of nutritional and mineral deficiencies of your body’s health concerns.


light blue iridology

You will receive:
  • A clear understanding of what is causing your health concern and how to correct it.
  • I will provide your with practical, corrective, nutritional and Naturopathic advice designed to support the continued well being of your body.
  • A mineral chart for nutritional and mineral deficiencies.

Foot Reflexology

Relieve the body’s tension, and improve your body’s health.
Experience a deep massage of the reflex points of the feet, to stimulate, balance and regenerate the correlative organs, the areas of the body and increase chi flow. By breaking up and dissolving the build up of toxic crystal aggregates which accumulate in the feet, optimum blood and nerve flow can be restored to the body for regeneration and rejuvenation. You will leave feeling grounded yet on top of the world.


“The massage experience took me to another level, your touch, sensitivity, sounds, warmth, safety, spirit and high self all integrated into full focus was greatly appreciated.”
Greg Alexander – Operations Manager of Azadi Fine Rugs.

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