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Ascension Rising Conference

Title: Ascension Rising Conference Location: Hilton Sedona Resort, AZ Link out: Click here Description: Ascension Rising Conference speakers are a varied group . Our goal was toWe are bringing together a group of teachers, healers, storytellers, channels and mystics who will collectively activate our audience in profound ways that would help with their spiritual Ascension. [...]

Stand in Your Authentic Power Retreat

  Title: Stand in Your Authentic Power Retreat Location: Sedona, AZ Description: INTENSIVE-IN-FOCUS-IN-GENEIOUS-IN-DEEP! We will create living ceremony out on the sacred land of Sedona’s red rocks, clear our chakras, breathe in the living force of Spirit, dance and weave our way into our bodies and set down our inner tree of life roots to [...]

Shamanic Wisdom Talk with Dance & movement

                      Title: Shamanic Wisdom Talk with Dance & movement Location: Melbourne Australia, Abbortsford Description: Embodyment Authenticity Empowerment It is important NOW more than ever to stay GROUNDED and CENTERED as the spin of the world envelops us! Learn how to get grounded, centered, disentangle the [...]

THE INCOMING SHIFT…2012 and Beyond

BLOG ON INCOMING SHIFT: There has been alot of stipulation about the 2012 “Shift” regarding our plantary evolution. From the poles shifting axis, to the socio-economic and religious collapse, to the three days of descending darkness, to the infusion of light from the photon belt, the return of Christ Consciousness, peace on Earth, moving into [...]

SHAKE YOUR SHAKTI- Chakra Dance Series 2011

Title: SHAKE YOUR SHAKTI- Chakra Dance Series 2011 Location: Light Body Fitness, 2050 Yavapai Drive, Sedona AZ Building 3 Link out: Click here Description: Come join Amalia in learning about your body chakras, in an instructive informative fun filled deep and juicy dance class that aims to clear, activate and embody the wisdom in your [...]

Prayerformance: Honoring the Divine Mother

Title: Prayerformance: Honoring the Divine MotherLocation: Sedona Ceremony: 840 Jordan Rd., Sedona, AZ 86336Link out: Click hereDescription: One of the first of 7 Sacred Fire Ceremonies: This season the seven sacred directions of the medicine wheel will be merged with seven powerful pathways to effective prayer that can be practiced by anyone, anywhere within any [...]

Red Moon Medicine Dance

Title: Red Moon Medicine Dance Location: Mago’s Ranch, Village of Oak Creek, Sedona Link out: Click here Description: Create your own living dance ceremony and commune with Great Spirit and Mother Earth to have your prayers be heard. Move into the alignment of your body’s presence, embody the wisdom of the Earth, embody your inner [...]

10-10-10 Breathwork Journey

Title: 10-10-10 Breathwork JourneyLocation: The Lighthouse, SedonaLink out: Click hereDescription: Greetings to you all, This Sunday (10-10-10), from 6.30-9pm, open the space within and breathe into your aliveness, connect with the greater breath, and embody your full potential. I will be hosting a deep Group Breathwork Journey with Olaff Hartman (Master Teacher of Breathwork, Qu [...]

Dance with Ganga Giri-Drum-Didge-Dance Festival

Title: Dance with Ganga Giri-Drum-Didge-Dance FestivalLocation: Watson Lake Park, Prescott, AZLink out: Click hereDescription: Dance performance with Ganga Giri (Australian Didgeridoo Performer) late at night where we all can dance out our groove and rhythm to the pulse of the EarthStart Time: 11:11Date: 2010-08-21End Time: 12:12

Sept. 5th-Drum Circle Ceremony-Mesa Unity Church

Title: Sept. 5th-Drum Circle Ceremony-Mesa Unity ChurchLocation: Unity Church of Mesa 2700 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204 (480) 892 2700 Link out: Click hereDescription: Interactive drum journey following talk with Michael Mirdad-reknowned spiritual teacher. I will take you on a creative passage from Dark to Light, from Earth to Sky and to drum New [...]