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    HEALING BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Title: FOOT REFLEXOLOGY COURSE Description: “Foot Reflexology is a safe and effective method of applying pressure to the reflex points of the feet that correlate to the organs and systems of the body which in turn stimulates and balances blood and nerve flow to restore regeneration and rejuvenation […]

Are you feeling disconnected, uninspired and feel that something is missing in your life?

Tap into a simple and natural source of energy to increase your vitality and aliveness!  After the myriad of programs, processes, workshops and trainings that I have taken throughout the years, I have come to realize that keeping it real and simple is what works best for myself and my clients.  Whittling down the complexity […]

THE INCOMING SHIFT…2012 and Beyond

BLOG ON INCOMING SHIFT: There has been alot of stipulation about the 2012 “Shift” regarding our plantary evolution. From the poles shifting axis, to the socio-economic and religious collapse, to the three days of descending darkness, to the infusion of light from the photon belt, the return of Christ Consciousness, peace on Earth, moving into […]