Wisdom Speaker

Amalia’s bank of knowledge in the field of healing body mind and spirit, movement therapy, shamanic questing with the wisdom of the Earth, and spiritual inquiry has given her the ability to reach a versatile audience with an engaging presence and depth of heart.

As a dynamic speaker and facilitator, Amalia inspires her listeners to ground your energy, listen to the spirit of the stones, awaken your spirit, embody the wisdom of the Earth, activate your full life force potential and enjoy healthy living in body, mind and spirit.

With her natural vibrancy, Amalia offers talks for keynotes, for conferences and events and workshops that range from an hour to a full day or to a weekend event.

Speaking topics can include:

Grounding your energy:
Connecting with the Earth as a power-point, activating your power and re-igniting your inner Shaman with the wisdom of the Earth.

Merging the Dualities into Oneness:
Dropping from the head into the heart and centering your energy in healing body mind and spirit.

Diving into the Void:
Getting to know your shadow side and being comfortable with
your aloneness to re-awaken your spirit.

Earth Wisdom Divination:
Listening to the spirit of the stones and Nature as a guide to your inner wisdom.

Breath into your Aliveness:
Letting go of fear and blockages to embody the free flow of your life force energy and awaken your spirit with pleasure, grace and ease.

Amalia talks on listening to the spirit of the stones and the wisdom of the Earth and of the healing of body mind and spirit.



  1. Amalia says:

    Sending you love an light from this end, love and blessings on your sacred Earth walk. Amalia.

  2. Jeff Cooper says:

    sorry about your trailers, thanks for the website, lots of good info here! I’m known as The Urban Shaman, you can check out my videos on youtube, or look up my band on FB or youtube, were called Vivid Curve. It’s didgeridoo rock’n roll that your going to love, I know it!

  3. Amalia says:

    Hi Jeff, I thought I had already replied to you, we had communicated via facebook or youtube if I can recall. I did check out your band, and really enjoyed the uniqueness of your music and the alignment you have with getting the didj out there in the greater world.
    Keep up the impeccable work.
    Namaste Amalia

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