Emotional Healing

Emotional Core Clearing and Integration:

Drawing from a vast bank of wisdom and education, I will gently guide you through a deep clearing of core issues and “glitches” in your psyche. Through a blend of healing modalities such as breath, quantum touch, movement, emotional regression, re-tracking, grounding, and healing visualization, together we will go straight to the heart of the matter to support your mind body spirit integration. I also love to design custom Holistic Healing Retreats for you (click HERE for more info) that integrates healing body mind spirit along with the wisdom of Earth.

Inner Child Retrievals:

Allow Amalia to introduce you to your inner child that has been kept hidden in the recesses of your psyche. The inner child has a fortune of wisdom that you can integrate into your adult life. By re-loving what you deemed unlovable the miracle of healing occurs. New levels of safety, trust, innocence and inspiration are achieved along with a sacred and pure relationship with your deeper inner self.

Individual and Couples Counseling:

Experience the clarity of your communications with others, your own emotional healing and conflict resolution with simplicity and safety. I will dive into the depths of your core issues with you to bring to the surface, a positive solution for the empowerment of your self and your partner.

Couples Tantra:

This session is designed to unify your intimacy through communication, gentle chi flow touch and movement. I will support you to increase trust and awaken your spirit through the use of ceremony, the synchronizing of your breath, of aligning and clearing the chakras of your bodies, and re-awakening your heart’s purpose with each other.

Chakra Balancing and Attunements:

Let me guide your journey through the chakras using sound healing, healing visualization, Body Soma chakra tuning forks, aromatic oils, and crystals. I incorporate the wisdom of Earth and correlate this wisdom to the chakra system of the body as an evolving pathway in increasing the chi flow of abundance and manifestation.

What you will learn:

– You will learn about the chakras and how they can help you.
– Encode your chakras with your healing prayers.
– Free the emotional blocked energy in the chakras.
– Feel aligned with your purpose.


Phone Sessions:

If you cannot see me in person, then you can still have an in-depth session with me over the phone to address your personal, professional or spiritual concerns.
I will assist you to reclaim your power, align with your authentic self, transform blockages and clear the entanglements of the mind, to experience your inner peace.

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