Get Grounded workshop





Description: “Foot Reflexology is a safe and effective method of applying pressure to the reflex points of the feet that correlate to the organs and systems of the body which in turn stimulates and balances blood and nerve flow to restore regeneration and rejuvenation to the health of body, mind and spirit.” Amalia Camateros N.D. (Aust.)

In this half day course, you will learn how to give basic FOOT REFELEXOLOGY, move your energy through DANCE to release the stuckness and free up your energy and a few GROUNDING PROTOCOLS for energy management.

“Very quickly Amalia helped me get a wholistic grasp on the essence of reflexology. It all clicked and made perfect sense. The class was so informative, fun and very practical. The two hour class went by so quickly, we all left feeling so relaxed and nurtured. In a few short hours I have been given a gift for my entire life! Thank you Amalia”
Yana Harmsworth

“Amalia has been at this a long time and clearly knows what she’s doing, both in the practice and in the teaching. She gave us a tremendous amount of information in a way that was organized but not rigid, and followed up by sending us the charts and written information she’d used. The class was highly informative and enjoyable—also very reasonable—and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in foot reflexology.
Jeanne Freeman

Location: Zen Den Sedona

Start Time: 1.00pm
Date: 2016-02-20
End Time: 6.00pm