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 “Dancing the World Divine”

As a sacred dance master from Australia, Amalia Camateros has enchanted national and international audiences with her ceremonial dance along with her ability as a powerful initiator and facilitator of dance for workshops, conferences and events.

Through her dance, Amalia awakens the memory of our connection to the heart of the earth as a sacred sanctuary. By bridging dualities such as earth and heaven, the modern and ancient and the masculine and feminine, Amalia dances the oneness code, regarding this as an essential ingredient to living sacredly.

Gleaning the wisdom from the earth, and merging it with spirit through dance, she integrates the two realms into “Body Wisdom”, a healing for the self, the planet and beyond.

Rabbi Gershon Winkler, founder of the Walking Stick Foundation, Cuba, New Mexico, says of Amalia’s dance:

“Amalia is a powerful shamanic dancer skilled in the way of the sacred weave, spinning our life force energies through the web of our being, across the thresholds of our body, mind and spirit, and beyond the psychic obstacles that often blind us from the gift of being.

    View video clip of Amalia’s dance, click here.
    This video is in Quick time format and approximately 7 minutes in length.
    A high speed connection is recommended.

Dance Style

Drawing from her past and present life experiences, Amalia merges the essence of ancient and indigenous cultures, stirring the elements of Hawaii, Australia, the Mayan and Native American with that of the modern into one melting pot of what she has coined “EarthSpirit Dance™”.

She taps into the ecstatic reservoir of universal energy to dance the dream awake.

Her dance leads you into the journey of her soul where her Shamanic, Tantric and Celtic lineages are powerfully personified.


Ceremonial Dance: Amalia is well known for the inauguration of special events, concerts, expos and earth ceremonies. As a ritual to invoke, re-commemorate, inspire and anchor earth wisdom, her ceremonial dance establishes a resonance in the unified field, facilitating a more centered and present audience. She captures the spirit of the moment and allows the flow of the didgeridoo, native flutes, drums and other instruments of the world to move thought her and her audience.

Sedona Arizona Cerimony

Dance Blessings: An ordained reverend and priestess, Amalia blesses your wedding ceremony and significant celebration with the use of flame torches, sage smoke, white feathers, rose petals, wreaths, and leis, weaving the sacred and profound to commemorate your special event.


Amalia has utilized the principles of earth’s wisdom to create an array of shamanic based dance workshops to re-instill the intrinsic connection we have to earth as a larger template of our own body temple. Her “EarthSpirit Dance” workshops navigate you through initiatory gateways leading you into your own body’s wisdom, which allows for personal transformation of body, mind, spirit and soul.

emerald fire dancerThe Emerald Doorway: “The Resolution of Dualities into of Oneness”– this Shamanic/Tantra based dance workshop is designed to heal the split between the polarities of separation and union and its myriadical fractals of love and fear, spirit and matter, of our radiance and our shadows, and of Heaven and Earth. The symbols of the Sun and the Moon are utilized here as emissaries of the masculine and feminine principles, leading us to the doorway of the heart – the portal of oneness from which these dualities can be merged.

Using the system of wisdom that manifests itself through the chakras of the human body, Amalia facilitates the awareness from the “root” chakra (representing Earth energy) up to the “crown” chakra (representing spirit energy) with the emphasis on the central “heart “ chakra as the merging place of dualities into the doorway of Oneness.

“By the re-solution of duality into the integration of oneness, merging consciousness into unconsciousness, spirit into matter, light into darkness and separation into union we assist the earth and her peoples to make the next quantum leap from separation consciousness into union consciousness.”

Awake the Snake: A creative arena designed to clear, activate and embody the chakras (energy centers) of the body through the use of dance, choreography and movement. Amalia draws on these seven energy centers often known as transmitters and receivers of universal energy to serve as a stairwell, a path of evolution for spiritual and physical integration.

This workshop particularly focuses on awakening the “kundalini,” the wisdom serpent energy lying dormant at the base of our spine. It inspires us to ground our roots with the earth and to retrieve the wisdom records lying deep in the soil of earth’s consciousness and integrate this wisdom into body wisdom thereby awakening the dormant life force energy within. Along with this shamanic system of earth spirituality, Amalia employs the Tantric/Hindu system of the lotus path “from the cesspool grows the lotus.” An invitation to go deep into the roots of the shadow realm, using this as nourishment to evolve into the crown of flowering spirit.

“A service of her mastery is to bring the spiritual dimensional self into the body and to clear, activate and embody the chakras to awaken the divine potentialities.” ~ “Honoring the Sacred with Amalia” by Loren Lewisohn.

Shamanic Dance Journey: In this workshop, Amalia takes you out onto the land to experience the wisdom of the ancients and a doorway into the “dreamtime.” Her guidance will navigate you deep into the earth, into the rock kingdom where the wisdom records are stored, to retrieve this wisdom and dance it into your body and out to the universe. Ceremonial regalia from indigenous wear, feathers, rattles, head and armbands, face paint and powdered earth ochres are encouraged to enhance the closing shamanic dance initiation.
Shamanic Workshop

“While interviewing Amalia recently, she shared important details about the sanctity of Mother Earth and timely messages concerning quantum leaps in consciousness humankind is now poised to make. Her affirmative outlook embraces a plethora of Earth centered wisdom, supporting the ideal that humanity is gathering as one to dance the dream-reality of Living Spirit.” By Loren Lewisohn.

The Seed of Manifestation: A dance workshop that taps into the creational energy of the earth, utilizing this force to manifest your aspirations. Embodying prayer through dance is a powerful key into the doorway of other dimensions, and being physical in your asking enables your asking to be delivered physically.

Using the allegory that we are human plants to draw our nourishment from the dark soil of matter and photosynthesize it into the lightness of being to grow, flower and seed our abundance into the universe. By grounding these seeds of desire through dance and movement, germination into the physical plane of manifestation takes place.

In this dance workshop, the primordial energy and nature of Pele, the Volcano Goddess (Big Island of Hawaii) is drawn upon to manifest our dream seeds.

SHAKE YOUR SHAKTI - ecstatic dance class

Ecstatic Dance-using conscious intentions for moving stuck energy in the body, for healing, manifestation, grounding, embodiment, for joy and lots of sweaty fun.

Utilizing various styles of world music- multidigenous journey, hip hop funk, shamanic drum, sitar and tablas, Spanish/latino and Arabian, to enhance the dance experience.
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In addition to her own dance workshops, Amalia also creates and facilitates dance programs and segments to enhance your conference, event, workshop or retreat. The use of dance augments the embodiment of informative training, coalescing the workshop/conference experience into body, mind and spirit.

Amalia can modify her dance segments to any length of time required.


Shamanic and Tantric Dance for Self-Transformation.

An individualized dance journey with breath work can clear long standing emotional blockages, permitting the activation of the free flow of energy and the embodiment of passion for life.

By activating dormant life force energy in the body, which releases pent up feelings, the awakened kundalini clears and balances the chakras, and aligns the bridge between body and spirit.

Amalia custom makes a session that best serves your requirements.

Contact Amalia at or by phone on 808-895-1984.

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