"When you are silent, the stones speak"

"When you are silent, the stones speak"

"Earth shares the spirit of its wisdom with us at all times. All we have to do is stop, be still and listen to the silent voice of the 'EarthSpeak.'"

Spirit of the Stones is a fascinating true story of the author’s unexpected journey into the heartlands and living sanctuary of the wisdom of the Earth.
Her journey begins with a compelling series of omens, dreams and visions, which reveal an ancient Earth assignment that she had begun in the Anasazi era. As one of the Ancient Ones, an Anasazi shaman, she long ago encrypted vital spiritual wisdom into the red rocks monoliths of the Arizona desert. These spiritual rocks have now called her back to decode and retrieve this storehouse of treasured wisdom to return it back to the people, at this critical time when humanity had reached its edge and into the Earth Changes.  Lying dormant throughout the ages, the rocks have now called her back to decode this information and return it back to the people.
She becomes in effect, the “Secretary to the Stones” who listens to the silent voice of the EarthSpeak and of the Ancient Ones and leads us through the Emerald doorway into the heart of ourselves and of the Earth.
Her voyage takes her from her native Australia to ancient temple sites in Egypt, the Ruins of Mexico, the rock megaliths of America’s Southwest, and the ancient heiaus of Hawai’i. Her “stone retrievals” not only teach her to draw up from the depths of her being the fullest expression of her authentic self, but teach us to do so as well.


Her “stone retrievals” teach us to:

Return to the stillness of silence and listen to the wisdom of the Earth.

  • Ground and center ourselves within the “spin” of the world around us.
  • Merge the dualities into oneness.
  • To embrace the sanctity of our own lives and the sacred living sanctuarywe call Mother Earth.

“When you are silent, the stones speak!”

In its simple majesty, Spirit of the Stones, is a doorway into the “Dreamtime” that is open not only for the shamans and aboriginals of the world, but for all who stop and listen to the silent voice of Earth Speak. It is a journey into the sacred, shaping our inner landscapes to embrace the sanctity of our own lives and the sacred living sanctuary we call Mother Earth.


Inspiring and transforming, Spirit of the Stones illuminates our inner landscapes to re-presence ourselves with Nature once again.”
“Spirit of the Stones is an engaging personal narrative of a true hero’s journey, revealing who and what we may become when we accept the call to adventure, pass through the tests and trials of initiation, and emerge as medicine makers with the keys to personal power and healing, able to be of service to our tribe.
— Hank Wesselman, PhD, author of the Spiritwalker trilogy, The Journey to the Sacred Garden, and Spirit Medicine.
Your book is a gift to humanity, your wisdom and the wisdom you have shared through speaking with the Earth Sprits is received with Love and Gratitude. Through sharing this Love, Joy, Grace, Peace and Wisdom I believe you are one of the Earth Angels. I will be re-reading your book many times and it will shine a light on the rest of my life’s journey.
— Susan Kerr, Callala Bay, NSW Australia
Amalia delivers the wisdom of sacred rocks, which gives us a powerful intercellular resonance along with messages we need to hear.
— Sondra Ray, author of Loving Relationships I and II, The Only Diet There Is, and Rebirthing in the New Age.