Amalia gets to the root of the matter, and steers you back on track in healing body mind spirit and connecting you to your greater healthy self.

Below is an overview of the sessions I provide for the arenas of healing I offer.

Embodyment Healing:

Hot Rock Therapy
Chi Flow
Muscle Release and Deep Tissue Relaxation
Mineral Deficiencies
Clinical Iridology
Foot Reflexology

“With wise and focused intention, Amalia’s beautiful style of bodywork penetrates deeply into the tissues. Her gentle intuitive presence is highly attuned, making a session with this gifted healer, an experience that is vitalizing and transforming.”

Alan Clements, Author of Instinct for Freedom and the producer/performer of Spiritually Incorrect

Emotional Healing:

Release the core issues that keep you feeling stuck, in fear of intimacy and disconnected to your greater self through emotional release, healing visualization, chakra balancing, emotional release work, and life coach counseling in healing mind body spirit connection.

Emotional Release
Fear of Intimacy
Healing Visualization
Couples and Individual Counseling
Couples Tantra
Chakra Balancing

Shamanic Healing:

Connecting with the Wisdom of the Earth in enhancing your mind body spirit connection.

Visit the spiritual rocks in the Sedona vortexes,
Experience a shamanic land journey,
Stone Spirit ceremony
Shamanic breathwork to embody the wisdom of the Earth.

Dance Healing:

Identify and release blocked energies, and clear the chakras of the body to open you to the fullness of your vital life force energy.

Chakra Dance
Improvisational Dance
Shakti Dance
EarthSpirit Dance
Sedona Land Dance journeys
Tantric Dance for Sacred Union

“Amalia has the magical ability to create a sacred space which allows you the safety to embrace and blossom into your true divine authentic self.”
Kathy Mendez, Nurse/Healer Illinois.


  1. Christel says:

    I came to see you a few years ago and you put me through a very intense breathing exercise. Was that what is called Satori Breathwork and do you still offer that in your practice?

  2. Amalia says:

    Hi Christel, thank you for reaching out…I am so sorry to get back to you later than I would have liked….my website has been going through some changes and I just got back on here to see your message and I am also launching an adjunct to my practice with Life Transformation phone coaching presently…It was a Shamanic Breathwork, although I like the name of Satori Breathwork more!!! Yes I still offer this in my practice. Are you in the area or thinking of visiting Sedona soon….you can reach me on 800-393-2037 if you would like to have a quick chat about it.
    thank you,

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