“Through the transformative power of sacred Improvisational Dance into Chakra Dance, Shakti Dance and EarthSpirit Dance, Amalia will guide you in identifying and releasing blocked energies, and clear the chakras of the body to open you to the fullness of your vital life force energy.”

Individualized Dance Sessions:

Shamanic Dance Journey: On the land

Enliven your passion, anchor the wisdom of Gaia~ Earth into the body, dance your prayers to Great Spirit and Mother Earth, tap into the Earth as a power point, release blockages from the body and dance into your abundant life force energy.  Experience an improvisational dance experience that combines your own intuitive elemental dance along with Amalia’s gentle guidance through Chakra Dance, Shakti Dance and EarthSpirit Dance modalities.

“Amalia has the magical ability to create a sacred space which allows you the safety to embrace and blossom into your true divine authentic self.”
Kathy Mendez, Nurse/Healer Illinois.

Awake the Snake Dance Journey

dancewsawakethesnake200Awaken your kundalini (shakti) life force energy through Chakra Dance and bring your full body consciousness into the chakras of the body to release the blockages of past negative programming and to reinstate what it is that you want to create in your life.

In this session I utilize the chakra system and grounding energy to open your creativity, strengthen your will power, open the heart, express your truth, and help you envision your purpose.

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Tantric Dance for Sacred Union

Let me guide your experience in balancing the inner masculine and feminine and healing the duality within, unifying body and spirit and dancing the energies of Shiva and Shakti into union, in a beautiful, improvisational dance experience.

Get centered in the heart and release the judgments, dance into your sensuality and allow the body to breathe into its naturalness of pleasure and delight. By releasing long standing emotional blockages we can once again re-establish our passion and vibrancy for life through this sensual Shakti Dance.