Shamanic Healing



Shamanic Healing Sessions

“Get Grounded, step into your own inner Shaman, tap into Earth as a power point, and embody your inner wisdom.”


As a Wisdom of the Earth guide, I can facilitate a healing journey for your personal needs out on the spiritual rocks of the Sedona vortexes.  I use a variety of modalities for your shamanic healing sessions, including counseling, breath work, movement, emotional integration and balancing, healing visualizations, energetic clearing, soul retrieval, body wisdom and grounding energy to clear the physical and emotional blocks and to anchor you to your fullest potential of spiritual embodiment.

My sessions are designed to clear core issues, and embody the presence of self for the healing and manifestation of change you seek. In the process, you will learn to create and undergo your own shamanic ceremony and communicate with the spirit of the stones to take with you on your own journey, enhancing your mind body spirit connection with the spirit of place and the wisdom of the Earth.


Shamanic Journey into the Rocks

Join me on a vision passage out on the spiritual rocks of Southwest, Sedona, Arizona. You will awaken your inner shaman, ground your energy with Earth, access the wisdom of the ancient stones, clear the entanglements of the mind and deepen to the original state of your natural self. Experience the healing power and depth of the Sedona vortexes.

In accordance to your individual needs, and with the use of living ceremony in present moment awareness, I will craft a ceremony which may cover these areas:

  • Clearings, activations  and empowerment
  • Awakening to your higher purpose
  • Self commitment
  • Letting go ceremonies
  • Couples recommitment ceremonies
  • Spiritual  guidance and integration work.

“I am so grateful for the experience on the land that we shared together. It really generated a major shift in my life for the going forward in my evolutionary process. It helped me to go down from my head into my heart. I was able to heal profound wounds in the loving embrace of red rocks and earth, re-establishing a channel of personal communication and guidance with Gaia. You helped me to go to core of the issue, with ceremony, words and music that brought me to re-discover my own connection with the wisdom of Nature”
Adriana Collotti.


Sedona Land Journeys

Hike into the red rock lands and attune yourself to Sedona’s powerful and transformative vortex energy. Use this potent healing energy and the spiritual rocks as a guide to align yourself towards self empowerment, emotional healing, grounding energy, transformation and spiritual awakening.


Sessions for couples and groups are also available.

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Spirit of the Stone Ceremonies

Learn to sit in stillness and attune to the Spirit of the land.  Awaken your Spirit as you tap into the ancient wisdom of the stones and listen to their vital knowledge and communication in meditation and healing visualization with the natural Earth energies.

Spirit of the Stones, Listening to the spiritual rocks and stone wisdom of the Earth.

Integrative Shamanic Breath Work

As a fully qualified rebirther and breath therapist, I will take you on a deep journey into the psyche and emotional body, through the transformational power of breath. As your breath guide, I will adjust your breathing pattern to facilitate the release of limiting beliefs that inhibit the chi flow of pleasure, ease and grace in your body and re-establish a healthy template for an  integral state of wholeness. Vigorous dance and movement may also be used to  shake off the “stuck energy” before the breathing session.

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Emotional Core Clearing and Integration

Drawing from a vast bank of wisdom and education, I will gently guide you through a deep clearing of core issues and “glitches” in your psyche. Through a blend of healing modalities such as breath, quantum touch, movement, emotional regression, re-tracking, grounding, and healing visualization, together we will go straight to the heart of the matter to support your mind body spirit integration.  I also love to design custom Holistic Healing Retreats for you that integrates the mind body spirit connection and the wisdom of earth (see retreats for more information)

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