Earth Spirit Wisdom


Learn to use the Wisdom of the Earth to Reawaken your Spirit.


Are you ready to revitalize, awaken your spirit and connect to your greater self?
Have you been wanting more out of your life?  To connect with something real like the wisdom of the Earth, your bodies health aliveness and spirituality?
I can help you replenish your spirit and regain your inspiration and purpose of life by getting you back on track in healing body, mind and spirit. To live your truth and to reconnect you to your authentic self and divine spirit. 



Here’s how I can support you in your healing: 
  • Learn what your body needs to feel healthy, vital and alive.
  • Get grounded, centered and “in your body.”
  • Realign to your inner balance and connect to your center point.
  • Unravel the entanglements of the mind.
  • Get clear and inspired about your life.
  • Release heaviness from your heart.
  • Feel your spiritual connection to the greater whole and to your higher purpose.
  • Connect with your inner shaman and wisdom of the Earth.


In a gentle and yet powerful manner, I will get straight to the root of the matter to release the “emotional glitch” that has played its pattern out so relentlessly, so that you can transform your life and re-experience your innate innocence and free self.
Whether through personal, phone sessions or through holistic healing retreats, I will guide you in healing body mind spirit from beginning to end.


“Amalia inspires us to reconnect with the Earth and our own bodies as an anchor of consciousness and as a temple of living spirit.”
With 25 years of experience as a Naturopathic Doctor, Shamanic Healer and Counselor, healing body mind spirit, I will guide you through the integration of your deepest personal embodiment of truth.




Embody the wisdom of the Earth and listen to the inner messages by healing
body, mind and spirit with Sedona healing practitioner Amalia Camateros.